Healthy Juices for Skin

A #BLSpaMoment is anything that brings a new dimension of wellbeing to your #BlueLagoonHomeSpa, elevating the pleasure and power of your self-care ritual. From massage to conscious breathing to meditation, allow yourself to explore its many forms.

Today we’ll introduce two nutrient-rich juice recipes—both created by our experts at Spa Restaurant, where guests of the Retreat Spa enhance their journey with nourishing cuisine and refreshing beverages.

Green Is Good & Silica Mud Mask

Enjoy this delicious blend of fruits and spinach rich in vitamins, nutrients, iron, protein, and antioxidants. Energize your skin from within, while Silica Mud Mask works its purifying wonders, bringing radiance as it strengthens the skin barrier.

Juice Recipe:

·1 cup mango
· 2 pc bananas
· 2 cups ice cubes
· 1/2 liter orange juice
· 2 cups spinach
· Ginger