The Geothermal Ecocycle

The Geothermal Ecocycle

Imagine entering a geothermal lagoon in the heart of a volcanic frontier at the edge of the Arctic Circle. Imagine leaving your worries behind and immersing yourself in the mystical blue waters. Imagine the sense of wonder produced through your connection with the powers of the earth. Can you feel it? That’s harmony. There are few moments in life when your heart beats with the gentle pace of Mother Nature. Here at Blue Lagoon, those moments become lifelong memories: bathers perceive themselves as a tiny part of a circle connecting them to the inner workings of the Geothermal Ecocycle.

The Blue Lagoon: An Ecological Marvel

Located on Iceland’s Reykjanes Peninsula, a UNESCO Global Geopark, in an otherworldly moss-covered lava field created by a volcanic eruption that occurred in 1226 AD, the Blue Lagoon is a place where guests can unwind the clock of modern life and experience the rejuvenating powers of the mineral-rich, bioactive waters.

Chosen as one of National Geographic’s 25 Wonders of the World, the lagoon is not merely a vision of remote beauty, it also represents the harmonic convergence of nature, science, and sustainability. Blue Lagoon aspires to achieve a society without waste. In fact, “a society without waste” is the foundational principle of the Resource Park concept, which the Blue Lagoon is a valuable part of. We harvest renewable geothermal resources for enhancing quality of life. All our water, electricity, and heat are sourced from a local geothermal resource harvested through extraction wells with sustainable methods. Thus, it’s entirely fitting that the Blue Lagoon and the Resource Park were jointly selected for the premiere episode of Zach Efron’s Netflix series in 2020, Down To Earth, where he explores healthy, sustainable ways to live.    

The Geothermal Ecocycle: Harmony With Nature

Since the dawn of civilization, the circle has been a universal symbol of perfection, totality, and timelessness. At Blue Lagoon, our cyclical reuse of natural resources is the foundation of the Geothermal Ecocycle, both fulfilling the potential and embodying the essence of the resource park concept. The Blue Lagoon Geothermal Ecocycle begins 2000 m (6562 ft) within the earth. Freshwater and ocean water converge in volcanic aquifers under the searing heat and immense pressure of its location, creating an extraordinary fluid called geothermal seawater. Rising to the surface through extraction wells from a nearby geothermal power plant, geothermal seawater becomes the genesis of three distinct usage streams: geothermal steam, geothermal seawater, and geothermal gas. None of these components ever goes to waste. In fact, they all contribute to the virtuous circle of multiple value creation.

Geothermal steam is used to generate electricity and hot water for the residents of the Reykjanes Peninsula. The mineral-rich geothermal seawater is channelled to the Blue Lagoon where visitors commune with its rejuvenating powers and scientists at the Research & Development Center harvest the Blue Lagoon bioactive elements – silica, microalgae, minerals – for use as the key ingredients in Blue Lagoon skincare. And geothermal gas, a natural CO2 waste product that otherwise would produce a carbon footprint, is recycled through a pioneering carbon-capture method, becoming nourishment for the cultivation of Blue Lagoon Microalgae in bioreactors at the R&D facility.    

Clean & Efficient Skincare: Connected to the Cycle

Blue Lagoon skincare—born of nature, science, and sustainability—plays a major role in the Geothermal Ecocycle. Every coordinate of the research, development, and production process is enabled by clean energy and resonates with respect for the environment. From the electricity that powers the R&D center, to the CO2 that nourishes the microalgae, to the sustainable methods of harvesting the bioactive elements, our skincare manifests the core principles of the ecocycle and honors the ambitions embedded in the phrase, ‘a society without waste.’

Likewise, our bioactive ingredients are COSMOS-approved—a designation attesting to their natural and sustainable origins. And our product packaging is designed according to the tenet that less is more. We encourage reuse and recycling, and we try to choose the most environmentally friendly options for our product lines. Recently we partnered with Pure North, an Icelandic company dedicated to recycling plastic waste through renewable energy using no chemical substances in the process. We have also instituted a program that allows our customers to return empty packaging to our stores for recycling.

Ultimately, the Geothermal Ecocycle is our guide and our inspiration. We aim to mitigate our carbon footprint while preserving the sanctity of the earth. We create unique experiences and skincare that exists in harmony with nature.