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Our Sustainable Approach

Iceland is home to one of the planet’s most magnificent natural wonders, the Blue Lagoon. That is why every decision we make must work synergistically with nature, with science, with the environment.

Behind The B

We received a B Corp™ certification in 2023, situating Blue Lagoon alongside other businesses that abide by high standards of social and environmental performance and accountability. B Corp™ Certification is the culmination of Blue Lagoon’s three decades of sustainable growth and development with the mission of wellbeing for people and planet in everything we do.

Transparency Always

We use only ingredients that meet the highest environmental-protection criteria and are COSMOS approved. That means everything in our formulas has been harvested responsibly, without damaging our natural resources, and produced in the safest, most environmentally friendly methods possible.

All our formulas are 100% free of GMOs, toxins, essential oils, parabens, and petrochemicals.

Repurpose Carbon Emissions

Blue Lagoon's sustainable utilization of multiple energy streams produced at Svartsengi Resource Park is articulated by the Geothermal Ecocycle—a framework describing the circular flow of geothermal energy and its byproducts, which uses no fossil fuels.

Better Packaging

Our neighbor on every side is the Atlantic Ocean, and filling up our ocean with plastic is not an option. Our products use only COSMOS-approved packaging. Our BL+ bottles are durable and reusable, and they employ light-resistant UV glass to extend the shelf life of the formulas. Our SPA and DERMA collections are housed in 100% recycled, 100% recyclable aluminum tubes and bottles.


Our Social Responsibility

One of the pillars of BL+ is respect for our world and our community. BL+ by Blue Lagoon Iceland supports a variety of philanthropic causes in the areas of youth sports, the arts, health, and wellness in local communities on the Reykjanes Peninsula as well as throughout Iceland. We believe sustainability is about more than our impact on the environment—it is about our impact on each other.

Our Certifications

Blue Lagoon Microalgae, Blue Lagoon Silica, and Blue Lagoon Seawater are COSMOS-approved ingredients. The BL+ The Serum and the BL+ Eye Serum formulas are of 100% natural origin and contain only COSMOS NATURAL–approved ingredients. BL+ The Serum and BL+ Eye Serum areCOSMOS NATURALcertified by Ecocert—the strictest environmental standard that exists for cosmetic formulations and recyclable packaging.

The Culture of Iceland

As one of the few countries in the world generating all its electricity without the use of fossil fuels, Iceland is built on sustainability, innovation, and technology. This progressive mentality extends to the culture of Iceland and the quality of life there. Known as one of the most LGBTQ-friendly countries in the world, Iceland is revered for its impeccable record on gender equality.

Our Commitment To Recycling

Every BL+ package encourages the consumer to recycle. Whether it’s the FSC-certified paper in our outer package or the glass vials of our serums, all BL+ products are designed to be easily recycled by the consumer. When recycled properly, the glass is crushed and melted before being sculpted into new bottles or jars. Further, we work with Pure North Recycling in Iceland to recycle all plastic generated at our R&D Center using renewable geothermal energy.

We Can All Make A Difference

The single best way to reduce our impact on the environment is to consume less. That means less plastic, yes, but also less packaging, less consumption, less everything. We believe in science-based, clinically proven formulas so effective that you need just a few carefully selected high-quality products to fulfill your skincare needs.