Body & Hand

Embrace the power of nature with our selection of bath & body products.

  1. Body Oil
    Starting at €29.00
    A nourishing body oil that nurtures skin with lasting hydration, promoting a silky smooth and glowing look.
  2. Body Lotion
    Starting at €14.00
    A hydrating body lotion that is a treat for skin. Rich in moisturizing properties, this lotion protects and comforts skin, leaving it firm, soft, and beautified.
  3. Shower Gel
    Starting at €14.00
    A mineral-rich shower gel that cleanses and revitalizes skin, while providing a daily moment of freshness.
  4. Lava Soap Bar
    Starting at €14.00
    A lightly exfoliating soap bar that cleanses and comforts skin.
  5. Scented Candle
    Starting at €39.00
    Enjoy the calming effect of the Blue Lagoon Spa candle in your home.
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