Body & Hand

Embrace the power of nature with our selection of bath & body products.

  1. Mineral Intensive Cream
    Starting at €44.00
    A rich moisturizing cream that nourishes and delivers intense hydration to very dry and sensitive skin. This soothing cream was developed to help relieve dry skin prob...
  2. Body Oil
    Starting at €29.00
    A nourishing body oil that nurtures skin with lasting hydration, promoting a silky smooth and glowing look.
  3. Shower Gel
    Starting at €14.00
    A mineral-rich shower gel that cleanses and revitalizes skin, while providing a daily moment of freshness.
  4. Lava Soap Bar
    Starting at €14.00
    A lightly exfoliating soap bar that cleanses and comforts skin.
  5. Scented Candle
    Starting at €39.00
    Enjoy the calming effect of the Blue Lagoon Spa candle in your home.
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