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What should be my body care routine?

Different parts of our body require different kinds of care and consequently, body care products. For example, the skin on our legs is different from the one on our arms and hands. This means that a complete body skincare routine entails various steps and products according to the area. While there is no “one-size fits all” skincare routine, there are however general rules and advice that can easily apply to everyone, as they promote a nourished, healthy and happy skin.


Skincare routine for the skin on our legs

The skin on our legs is certainly less delicate than the one on our face, nevertheless, its care is important. A good skincare routine for your legs must include exfoliation at least once a week by using a body scrub. This will help you get rid of dead skin cells and prevent cellulite, as well as promote blood flow and circulation. After exfoliation, it is important to nourish the skin by using a body moisturizer or, if your skin tends to get very dry, a nourishing body oil. If you plan to shave your legs, it is important to be extra gentle and prepare the skin adequately: always exfoliate before shaving, make sure the razor is sharp and take your time. Afterwards, always apply a body lotion with soothing properties to refresh and calm irritated skin.


Skincare routine for arms

Perhaps we all tend to neglect the arms a bit when doing a body skincare routine, but this should not be the case. While the skin on our arms is naturally strong and quite resistant, it can suffer dryness and become flakey. Like the legs, exfoliation at least once a week is essential; while exfoliating focus on the elbows and upper arm area, two common spots for bumpy rough skin. Once you have removed the dead skin cells by using a body scrub or a chemical exfoliator, make sure to always apply a nourishing body moisturizer and massage it thoroughly into the skin until completely absorbed.


Hands: how to hydrate the skin

The skin on our hands, especially the back of our hands, is very thin and delicate. Many people underestimate the importance of hand skincare, as they fail to recognize that the hands are a clear telltale of a person’s age. Therefore, like the face, we must always protect our hands from the sun, by applying SPF daily. Secondly, since the skin on our hands tends to get dry, it is important to apply a hand cream at least once a day, for example before going to sleep. If you have dry skin, apply it more times throughout the day, especially during the winter months or after doing manual labor. Lastly, it is important to protect the hands by wearing rubber gloves, when using cleaning products, such as dish soap or all-purpose cleaners for the home, as these products contain substances that dry out the skin and in some cases, can even irritate it.