A rich history.
A renowned element.

Released in 1995, our iconic white facial became an instant success, bringing soothing relief to psoriasis patients and timeless radiance to visitors of the Blue Lagoon. Renowned for its skin-barrier strengthening abilities, the mask is a deep-cleansing marvel, leaving your complexion strong, purified, and glowing.

Silica Mud Mask

A purifying face mask that deep-cleanses and strengthens skin. This iconic reset facial improves complexion and minimizes the visibility of pores, leaving skin fresh and clear.

 Visible results on the skin*

Visitors of the Blue Lagoon commune with silica at the in-water mask bar. But you can enjoy the pleasures and powers of this natural wonder—anywhere—with Blue Lagoon Skincare



*Tested under dermatological control.

 How to use


Improves skin barrier function and balancing
Patented BLUE LAGOON SILICA is a versatile skincare ingredient that strengthens and protects skin, improves the skin’s barrier function and helps skin better retain moisture. In its natural mud form, silica has deep-cleansing and purifying clay properties that draw out skin impurities and pollutants. Renowned worldwide as a “white wonder”, the unique silica gives the lagoon its characteristic blue color. Harvested from a sustainable geothermal source at the Blue Lagoon R&D Center in Iceland for over two decades.

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