Multimasking ideas

Target your skincare concerns in one go by multimasking with the Blue Lagoon face masks.

The skin is our first line of defense. With the seasonal change in temperature, humidity, wind, and UV exposure, as well as the different challenges from our everyday life, the skin is constantly affected by internal and external factors triggering various skin conditions such as dehydration, dryness, dullness, increased sensitivity, breakouts, and more.

Understand your skin’s needs and tackle them all by multimasking.

What is multimasking?


Apply the masks to different facial areas depending on your skincare needs for the best results.

Discover our multimasking recipes

Autumn Glow

Silica Mud Mask + Algae Mask

$187.00 $208.00 -10%

Concerns: Dryness, dullness, visible pores, oil control

Application: apply Silica Mud Mask to nose and chin to deep-cleanse and to minimize the visibility of pores, while applying Algae Mask on forehead and cheeks to nourish skin and ensure a glowing complexion.

Maskne Relief

Silica Mud Mask + Mineral Mask

$187.00 $208.00 -10%

Concerns:: Breakouts, sensitivity, dehydration, oil control

Application: apply Silica Mud Mask to chin, nose, around the mouth and lower-part of the cheeks to deep-cleanse and to strengthen the skin barrier, while applying Mineral Mask on the forehead and upper-part of the cheeks to hydrate and ensure a revitalized complexion.

Weekly Renewal 

Lava Scrub Mask + Mineral Mask

$187.00 $208.00 -10%

Concerns: Dullness, dehydration, skin texture and tone

Application: apply Lava Scrub Mask to exfoliate skin on nose and chin to renew the skin, while applying Mineral Mask on forehead and cheeks to hydrate skin and e
nsure a revitalized complexion

Did you know that each mask symbolizes a particular element in the Blue Lagoon bioactive water?

Silica Mud Mask

Deepcleanse & Strengthen

BLUE LAGOON SILICA is a versatile skincare ingredient that strengthens and protects skin, improves the skin’s barrier function and helps skin better retain moisture.


Lava Scrub Mask

Exfoliate & Renew

BLUE LAGOON LAVA is a natural black fine-grain powder used in skincare formulations for its exfoliating properties. It renews the skin by removing dead skin cells and regenerating cell turnover.

Algae Mask

Nourish & Glow

BLUE LAGOON MICROALGAE is a powerhouse of nutrients and antioxidants for the skin. Native to the Blue Lagoon ecosystem in Iceland, the patented 

Mineral Mask

Hydrate & Revitalize

BLUE LAGOON SEAWATER is a precious source of various electrolytes, renowned for promoting and maintaining a healthy skin barrier. 

The options are various depending on your skincare needs

Use two masks for multimasking in one go

Use one mask only to target specific need

Use one mask after another with a rinse-off in between

Complete your routine with