Lava Scrub Mask 100g + ABC Oil 5ml

A set combining the exfoliating powers of lava and the nourishing abilities of microalgae for revitalized, healthy skin.
Lava Scrub Mask - Composed of lava from the Blue Lagoon’s volcanic surroundings, this mask exfoliates and renews the skin, promoting an even skin tone and a smooth, retexturized complexion. Size:100g
Algae Bioactive Concentrate - A potent, natural face oil that instantly nourishes and restores the skin, enhancing radiance while promoting a smoother, healthier complexion. Size:5ml
Color free Color free
Cruelty Free Cruelty Free
Dermatologically tested Dermatologically tested
Fragrance free Fragrance free
Geothermal ecocycle Geothermal ecocycle
Gluten free Gluten free
Paraben free Paraben free
Vegan Vegan
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  • Lava Scrub Mask 100g + ABC Oil 5ml
  • Lava Scrub Mask 100g + ABC Oil 5ml