A Typical Day At The Blue Lagoon

A day at the Blue Lagoon can encompass many things, but it always begins with a walk through a winding corridor bounded by centuries-old lava that symbolizes the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. This enchanting pathway leads you to the Blue Lagoon spa complex. Built to merge with the volcanic terrain, the building is the gateway to a world of wonder. From the powers of the lagoon, to the pleasures of in-water massage, to the purity of Icelandic cuisine, the resort takes the mind and body to a timeless realm of radiant wellbeing.

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The Geothermal Ecocycle

Imagine entering a geothermal lagoon in the heart of a volcanic frontier at the edge of the Arctic Circle. Imagine leaving your worries behind and immersing yourself in the mystical blue waters. Imagine the sense of wonder produced through your connection with the powers of the earth. Can you feel it? That’s harmony. There are few moments in life when your heart beats with the gentle pace of Mother Nature. Here at Blue Lagoon, those moments become lifelong memories: bathers perceive themselves as a tiny part of a circle connecting them to the inner workings of the Geothermal Ecocycle.

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Nurturing The Skin Barrier

The skin is your largest organ. It is vital to your wellbeing, maintaining the balance of fluids and regulating your body temperature. The skin affects your appearance, reflects your inner wellness, and is a powerful barrier that defends you against external and intrinsic factors. Stress, pollution, diet, hormonal issues, UV-exposure, and the mere passing of time all impact your body, triggering various reactions from your skin.

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