Oily Skin

It is normal for the skin to secrete natural oils to keep itself moisturized. But for people with oily skin, this process can go into overdrive. Large pores are often the culprit because the bigger the pores, the more active the oil glands, the more they’ll secrete. If you are prone to oily skin, you likely experience a shiny film on your face and frequent breakouts. To keep oil glands in check and minimize pore size, we recommend Foaming Cleanser, Silica Mud Mask, and Hydrating Cream—a trio of formulas for deep-cleansing radiance and soothing hydration.

Dry Skin

The number one sign you have dry skin is if it looks dull and feels rough to the touch. Many factors can contribute to dry skin: aging, underactive sebaceous glands, sun exposure and lifestyle habits (like hot showers).  When skin becomes dry it loses its ability to retain moisture and tends to be dull, rough, flaky, and irritable. To restore your skin’s oil balance and provide moisturizing nourishment, Algae Bioactive Concentrate, Mineral Mask, and BL+ the serum are an extraordinarily potent trinity, opening the door to a younger, plumper, more radiant complexion. 

Normal Skin

Healthy and well hydrated skin is able to tolerate most things without overeacting. While it can change seasonally, normal skin has a balance of oil and moisture and is even-toned, smoothly textured, and blemish-free. To preserve the intrinsic radiance and optimal oil-to-moisture ratio of normal skin, prevent premature aging, and strengthen the skin barrier, we suggest three products calibrated to keep skin healthy: Algae Mask, Hydrating Cream, and BL+ the serum.