Holiday Home Spa

Treat your loved ones to a Blue Lagoon spa experience at home.


Give the gifts of wonder.

Let your loved ones enjoy the restorative powers of the Blue Lagoon’s bioactive elements from
the comfort of home.

It is better to give than to receive, but it’s vitally important to preserve your own wellbeing during these unprecedented times.

So why not treat yourself to a holiday bundle and some home spa?

Take a moment to relax

Switch off the lights, light a candle, put on some music.

Create the right spa atmosphere.

There’s no place like a home spa for the holidays.

Discover our Nourishing Holiday Home Spa

face & body care

We’ve created a home spa ritual with two of our holiday gift bundles.

Targeting the face and body, and suitable for all skin types, these collections nourish, revitalize, soften,
and enhance radiance.


Beautifying Body Care

Shower Gel (200 ml) & Body Lotion (200 ml)

58,00€  68,00€ -15%

Shower Gel

Take a relaxing bath or shower. Apply mineral-rich Shower Gel and enter a world of freshness and purity as the gel cleanses and revitalizes your skin

Body lotion

After your shower, use algae-rich Body Lotion which opens the door to deep moisturization, lasting protection, and soothing comfort—leaving the skin firm, soft, and beautified.


Nourishing Face Care

Algae Bioactive Concentrate face oil (30 ml) & Silica Mud Mask (30 ml), Hair band

134,00€  173,00€ -23%

Silica Mud Mask & Hair band

Put on the hair band. Apply Silica Mud Mask evenly on clean facial skin to deep-cleanse and strengthen your complexion. Leave on for 5-10 minutes, rinse off with lukewarm water.

Algae Bioactive Concentrate 

To complete this luxurious Blue Lagoon home spa experience, use nourishing Algae Bioactive Concentrate face oil—the latest addition to Blue Lagoon skincare. Apply 4-6 drops to the face and neck. The potent, natural formula instantly nourishes and restores your skin.

How to use

Salt Scrub
Mix Bath Salt together with Body Oil in the palm of your hand and then scrub over your body for exfoliation.

Relaxing Bath
Draw a bath, mix ½ to 1 cup of Bath Salt, and few drops of Body Oil into the water.

After shower/bath
Apply Body Oil directly to your skin.

Body Care Set

Bath Salt (400ml) + Body Oil (100 ml) 

107€ 143€ -25%

Advent calendar promotion: valid from 11 Dec – 17 Dec. No promocode needed. 

Bath Salt

A potent array of mineral crystals that dissolve in bath water for a unique and relaxing spa experience that soothes and revitalizes skin.

Body oil

A nourishing body oil that nurtures skin with lasting hydration, promoting a silky smooth and glowing look.