Signature Mask Set - Full Size

Four masks that unlock the natural powers of the Blue Lagoon in Iceland:

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Relish an extraordinary Blue Lagoon spa moment at home with our Signature Mask Set.

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Did you know that each mask symbolizes a particular element in the Blue Lagoon bioactive water?

Silica Mud Mask

Deepcleanse & Strengthen

BLUE LAGOON SILICA is a versatile skincare ingredient that strengthens and protects skin, improves the skin’s barrier function and helps skin better retain moisture.


Lava Scrub Mask

Exfoliate & Renew

BLUE LAGOON LAVA is a natural black fine-grain powder used in skincare formulations for its exfoliating properties. It renews the skin by removing dead skin cells and regenerating cell turnover.

Algae Mask

Nourish & Glow

BLUE LAGOON MICROALGAE is a powerhouse of nutrients and antioxidants for the skin, it preserves and protects skin‘s collagen level.

Mineral Mask

Hydrate & Revitalize

BLUE LAGOON SEAWATER is a precious source of various electrolytes, renowned for promoting and maintaining a healthy skin barrier. 

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Signature Mask Set - Full Size

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260€ 356€ -27%

Valid from 18 Dec – 24 Dec. No promocode needed.